Developing innovative, action-oriented solutions to petroleum dependence, pollution and climate change.


EIN is an environmental nonprofit organization whose mission is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and harmful particulate matter from the transportation sector by advancing clean hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. 


Energy Independence Now (EIN) hosted the Hydrogen Experience during the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco this year - furthering the conversation of Hydrogen Fuel Cell’s role in addressing climate change.

“We are proud to support these important findings to accelerate the development and deployment of RH2 – an integral part of EIN’s mission to make zero-emission transportation a reality – and to ensure that hydrogen electric cars are available, affordable, and accessible for every Californian. This paper, at the intersection of technology and cutting-edge environmental and energy policy, presents our call for innovative solutions that government, industry and consumers must all answer.”
— Terry Tamminen, CEO of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Dive into our Pre-Oscar experience and hear what the stars have to say about going green!

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