Getting clean cars on the road (like Hydrogen FCEVs) will help to reduce our dependence on oil, save consumers money, reduce air pollution, and support new jobs and investment in California’s clean energy economy.



California's Clean Cars Program is set to bring the next generation of advanced, clean cars into the driveways of California’s families (see the Toyota Mirai and the Honda Clarity).

In 2010 the state updated its groundbreaking Clean Cars Program. Learn more about the program’s benefit to California, the history of the state’s leadership on advancing clean and efficient vehicles, and the policy-making process here.


Find the right vehicle for you. We recommend zero-emission hydrogen FCEVs for their extensive range, ease of refueling, and performance. But we recognize that other clean vehicles like plug-in electrics play an important role in keeping our skies clear. The California Drive Clean website helps you pick a vehicle to fit your needs through its DriveClean Buying Guide. Vehicle technology has progressed to where you no longer need to sacrifice performance for environmental benefit.

Clean Cars Map

As the emerging alternative fuel infrastructure develops, find which fuels are available near you with the Clean Cars Map.

EcoDriving USA

You may already have many of the tools needed to save money at the gas pump and reduce GHG emissions in your daily driving. Visit EcoDriving USA to find out more information.