EIN’s Brian Goldstein featured panelist at Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Summit

Originally published September 24th, 2015

EIN Executive Director Brian Goldstein was recently a featured speaker presenting a “Spotlight on Renewable Hydrogen” at the California Hydrogen Business Council Fuel Cell Summit. This session provided a progress update from the CHBC Summer Summit Renewable Hydrogen Workshop, including a briefing of government officials on the major findings.

Brian and Jeff Serfas (Managing Dir, CA Hydrogen Bus Council)

Brian and Jeff Serfas (Managing Dir, CA Hydrogen Bus Council)

The Summit also featured national and international hydrogen and fuel cell energy industry experts and policy makers who created a forum for the exchange of information about both stationary and mobile fuel cells. The purpose of the summit was to help participants recognize the already important commercial markets for these technologies and new products and technologies about to enter the commercial marketplace. Featured topics for this year’s Summitincluded:

  • Renewable Hydrogen

  • Transportation

  • Regional Environmental Goals

  • Sustainable Goods Movement and Freight

  • Stationary, Backup, and Telecom Applications

  • Energy Storage and Power-to-Gas

  • The Perceptions of Hydrogen

The Summit attracted over 200 participants from agencies, businesses, universities, and non-profit organizations. To learn more, go to www.californiahydrogensummit.com